Dramatized play of natural wood and curved surface...

Dramatized play of natural wood and curved surfaces

Architects : Ar.Arvind Jain, A.J.Architects, Bangalore

Project : The Mood Box, M.G.Road, Bangalore

The old villa in the heart of the city, was entrusted to us to adorn a face lift.

The project centered on the client’s requirement of growing and changing needs and to modernize the entire structure to characterize itself as a contemporary home. This gave the design team an opportunity to remodel the space and aesthetics with bold vibrant and enthusiastic statement, which also reflects to an ever changing contemporary surrounding and the Socio, cultural and economic aspirations of the client.

The growing needs of the family invoked the design team to relocate an extended kitchen on the South East corner of the property. The extension was planned with wire cut burnt bricks to add the rustic contour to the façade. The judicious play of natural, vibrant colors and rich elements, lend a luxurious and contemporary, vibrant and cozy feel to the house. The uber luxury feel of the puja room is further accentuated with the water body, which also adds to the serene atmosphere of the space.

The Living area and the lounge area are dramatized with play of natural wood and the curved surfaces. The natural wood gives a calm and cozy feel at the same time the curved surfaces ripples the mind for vibrancy. Young doll of the house had a fascination towards peach and teal colors. We designed a castle of arches for the daughter with her favorite colors and added the color changing strip lights broken with semicircular lights on ceiling.

The eclecticism and surreal nature of the teenage boy is captured with the bold and playful colors of yellow and dark blue. This room was left with minimal furniture for providing space for other activities and small hangouts with friends.

The master bedroom portrays classy, rich and vibrant nature of the inmates. The blend of copper finish with the leather finish wardrobe and cot add to the luxury quotient. The tall, full height wardrobe and the backlit stainless steel jali in ceiling further accentuates luxury.