A modern wooden interior theme abode

Project: Lakefront Apartment, Chennai

Designers: Sneha Nair and Abhay Prahaladhan

Client Brief: 

Or clients were a family of 3, who were living in the States when they approached us for their chennai home interiors to be designed. The clients had moved to the states in the early 2000s after living most of their lives in Chennai and Mahabalipuram. In the hopes of returning home permanently, they wanted their home to reflect their lifestyle and the places they lived in. They wanted their chennai home to be a portrait of themselves rather than a framed empty canvas.

Design Concept:

Right at the outset, the mood board was filled with traditional South Indian elements and modern comforts. The theme was developed towards an eclectic mix of materials like timber, bamboo flooring, Italian marble, rustic paint finishes, suede and brass. The apartment plan was typical to the region, where the living room was smaller than the dining and was located near the balcony. Our first design intervention was to interchange the dining and the living rooms to bring in light and air circulation to the dining and give the living a cozy, den-like ambience. In order to ease the circulation caused by this shift, we created a window to serve the new dining directly from the kitchen.

The living room has rafters that are similar to those found in traditional homes in Tamil Nadu similar to the home where our client grew up in. The couch was custom designed and finished with Italian suede. Bamboo flooring from Xylos was used for keeping in line with the tropical location of the site.

The dining table and chairs were custom designed in Italian marble and teak. An outdoor basin is camouflaged between the planters in the IPE wood decked balcony. A yellow highlighter wall connects the warmth of the dining room to the living.

The child’s bedroom has cement tile flooring from Bharat floorings that resemble traditional Athangudi tiles. Fibre composite panels help tone down the energy of the colours in the room, while expressing raw minimalism. The bed was custom made to juxtapose it’s modernity on a traditional style floor, in line with the overall concept. Large circular mirrors break the otherwise modern rectilinear overtone. Grandmother’s bedroom was visually kept very close to her childhood home with an exception of a herringbone patterned floor to subtly bring together eastern and western interior elements. The modified colonial style four poster bed was custom designed and made with teak in walnut finish.

Master bedroom , as per clients’ request, needed to be pastel coloured and modern. A tall headboard made of tufted upholstery establishes the focal point of the room upon entry. The large bedroom was divided to create a walk in wardrobe within the room.

Project Gallery

Photography and editing: Photography by ARKA