Maze of Flexibility and Efficiency

Maze of Flexibility and Efficiency

Project: Lookup HQ, Bengaluru

Architects: Bhumiputra Architecture, Bengaluru

The design for the company’s new offices is based on one core principle: the requirement of flexible, open workspaces for a young, dynamic team. The vision was to design a space that was minimal yet confident and most importantly, efficient.

Workstations range from standing desks (which encourage a more active workplace), to tables one can write on and cosy wall seats. Indigenous plant species differentiate spaces, while also improve air quality and incorporate the company’s trademark green colour.

A cluster of bright red, old-school telephone booths are used as ideal spots for Skype calls. At the very centre, a semi-circular amphitheatre (named ‘The Pitch’) transforms from a brainstorming arena in the day, to a recreational hub by night.

The construction process was self-sufficient, with materials being sourced from local vendors registered with the company.

Fact File

Client: Deepak Ravindran

Design team: Alok Shetty (Principal Architect), Shwetha Devidas, Aditi Mukherjee

Interior contractor: Circumpunct Interiors

Built-up area: 5,000sq ft

Completion of project: 2016