Cowork in Mumbai that combines style and elegance

Cowork in Mumbai that combines style and elegance

Architect : Ar.Robin Chhabra and Ar.Nishil Shah

Project : Dextrus Corworking, BKC, Mumbai

The driving concept behind Dextrus was to create an unconventional workspace that piqued the interest of users and inspired creativity and productivity. To this end, the designers, Mr Robin Chhabra who is the Founder & Architect of Dextrus, and fellow architect Mr Nishil Shah, deviated from the sterile atmosphere seen in spaces today by infusing art and cheerful pastel tones into the décor.

  • Colors and Textures:
    • A combination of gold (glass partitions) and white (walls) reflects simplicity and prestige, while the occasional pop of pink, green and dark grey are amalgamated into the design to offer warmth and visual delight. Perfectly pruned plants add freshness, while textures such as the CNC-cut patterned wood panels and lime-plaster ceilings bring depth and texture.
    • The furniture is modern and elegant in design. They are of different heights to allow for high, medium or low seating depending on the type of space designed.
    • The carefully chosen upholstery, fabrics of the furniture and the embroidered cushions which are carefully placed across the open areas add a vibrancy to the design of the space.
    • The design deviates from the sterile atmosphere seen in offices today by infusing well-curated art and cheerful pastel tones into the décor. We have rendered the ceiling surface in dusty pink limewash, accented against the elegant gold and white backdrop.

  • Lights:
    • Welcoming all visitors, the entrance differentiates itself with a light installation that spans the length of the corridor. Just below, the Dextrus logo sits atop a series of oak wood finished mail boxes, a design element, that gives the entrance a visual endurance.
    • The workspace has pockets of open spaces that are adorned by lights locally made out of an array of materials – hand-thrown glazed ceramic lamps hanging over our high seating, glass moulded lanterns in our cafeteria, blown glass lamps in the passage to the restrooms, cane woven lanterns elevate the high table, and linen shaded ceramic table lamps in our cosy library space.

  • Art At Dextrus:
    Artwork is used to introduce colour, as well as to talk about dexterity and the different forms of work in India.

    • In order to traditionalize a modern workspace with local heritage, we have used and created art that show-cases the concept of collaboration between multiple artisans and mixed materials.
    • From fine miniature paintings that are a hallmark of Jaipur and pastel wooden dolls from Visakhapatnam, to sketches of the famous Patola weave and block printing, Dextrus showcases the essence of dexterity that is ingrained in our heritage and surrounds us in our day to day lives.
    • The ‘Dextrus Dolls of Work’ are these beautiful wooden dolls, made by an artist from Visakhapatnam , which were then converted into these colourful figurines by a Rajasthani painter. They represent the different attires that people adorn and the wares or instruments they use for the process of their work. They are right at our entrance and the pastel colored dolls are a big hit with all who come into the space.
    • We worked with another Rajasthani artist, who along with two other painters, painted an entire landscape depicting people busy at work. It comprises imagery of tea leaf pickers, sculptures, carpenters, fishermen and many more in a lush green landscape. This 20 foot wall brings a lasting impression on all the users of the space as it reminds the laptop workers of the modern age that there exists other forms of work in and around them that is equally rewarding.
    • In addition to this we used some of the Rajasthani artist’s miniature art on old parched stamp paper and have sprinkled them around the co-working space.
    • Inside the office spaces we have a mix media embroidered hoops containing graceful patch-work pieces of exotic animals against abstract patterns and splatter of metallic gouache. This was created by Architect Nishil Shah.
    • Finally, we have these lovely hand sketches which captures time and movement through the sketches of hands busy doing work such as baking, weaving, pottery or in a singer in the trance of his music all referencing to the use of hands and the resulting art of dexterity.

As an architect, designing a shared workspace was an interesting challenge for us as we had to create a space that was malleable to the culture of offices of various kinds. Our design principles were clear from day one and that was to bring sunlight deep into the space and to create a simple and creative plan where clients have the flexibility to choose how they work.

In creating this coworking space, we have invested in the things that matter – from acoustic design to tech infrastructure, balanced with stylish architectural design. We want our members to benefit from a work environment that enables them to be the best at what they do. While giving a sense of prestige with the design and prime location in BKC, we also provide competitive and affordable rates to suit all business structures. We encourage you to fully utilise this carefully designed space, including the library, meeting and brainstorming rooms, phone booths and events space, so each day at Dextrus feels like a unique experience”, says Robin Chhabra, Founder and CEO