Rustic Resonances

Project: ‘Stud House’, Kolhapur

Architects: Space Craftt Architects, Kolhapur

The project is a weekend cottage on the outskirts of Kolhapur city. The plot admeasuring 352sq m is trapezoidal in shape where the rear of the plot is more in width. The client wanted to have a two bedroom unit to utilize on weekends and for guest regalement. Hence, a swimming pool was proposed for kids and lawn with gazebo at one end for partying. As the site is very proximate to the airport, one of its walls was facing the airport wall which was having no development further with pulchritudinous views of the airport land. Hence, the plan was engendered keeping in
mind good views, privacy and swimming pool activity at the centre in ‘C’ shape surrounding the living hall, bedroom and dining.

As the site is having hard rock strata, it was decided to have 100% load-bearing structure with exposed laterite stone walls and tiled sloping roof above having contemporary vernacular character
to the building with bare minimalism and humble material palette. Exposed laterite stone, MS roof structure with clay tiles above, engineered wood doors and windows and clear glass are
the materials used for the overall construction. Grey coloured recycled stone tiles are used for overall flooring with MS staircase with teak wood cladding suspended on wire ropes giving a
delicate look to the staircase from the living hall.

The building scale is small with only one bedroom on the first floor. Exposed laterite stone with 4” projections at a random level is utilized while doing external walls, due to which the structure look more rugged and well merged in the surrounding landscape. Mangalore tiled roof have been used for all sloping roofs, which resulted in reducing the temperature in hot summer days, as hot air easily escapes from cavities of Mangalore tiles. All sloping roof rainwater is amassed in ground and collected near bore-well to recharge underground water. As per solar path diagram and sun radiation, the building is having ‘C’ shape with more  height at west side. This height cast shadows on the east side structure during summer days after 2 pm. All the areas are naturally day-lit
and ventilated with optimal shading devices achieving thermal and visual comfort.

The building level zoning is done in two parts– one public zone consisting of the living hall, dining and kitchen and the second private zone of bedrooms. The orientation is a primary criterion to zone different functions. The building faces the north side, to eschew harsh radiation. On the east side, the dining and kitchen are placed to have morning sunlight inside and the bedrooms are placed at south-west side for getting the western breeze in summer days. The planning of this building is derived from vernacular architecture done in contemporary way by doing ‘C’ shape, and merging the outdoor swimming pool in ‘C’ shape partly is a highly contemporary version of the old chowk of traditional wadas of Kolhapur. This is a holistic process of architectural
design and based on a few rudimental parameters. The form has been derived from the functional and climatic requisite of the spaces.

The semi-open courtyard building is a traditional and effective configuration for cooling in hot-arid climates. It forms the focal point in the entire building and also acts as a party space or sitting space adjacent to the swimming pool deck. The facade of the building is a very crucial element as it directly cognate to thermal and visual comfort. Each facade in this project is derived from its orientation and function. North side receives very less direct solar radiation as well as direct sunlight throughout the year; hence this side is most preferred for the entry verandah and living hall. Overhangs are designed to cater to summer sun. The south side of the building is designed in such a way that the semi-covered sit out and water body form a buffer between the outside and main living hall.

This project has been green in all aspects. Right from the design to execution, all the care has been taken care in favour of green building. Activities like topsoil preservation, utilization of
existing development and transport corridors on site, effective erosion and sedimentation control,  preserving existing trees on site, pollution control on-site for vehicular movement in and
out of site, curing with help of gunny bags, etc, were followed. Also, labour health, sanitary and edification was given prime importance. The landscape in this project seamlessly merges with spaces and becomes an inherent feature of the project. The hard paving on site is reduced by 58.6% by introducing grass pavers that help in minimizing heat island effect. 100% outdoor lighting is catered by the renewable energy system.

In all the areas, interior decor shows innovation and originality and seamlessly integrates with architectural style. The style of decor is contemporary, yet it manages to bring warmth which is required in a weekend house. The energy-efficient light fixtures have been used along with custom-made light fixtures from jute and recycled wooden planks.

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Fact File

Client: Nitin Ghorpade

Design team: Architect Umaesh Raje

Plot area: 352.0 sqmt

Built-up area: 165.0 sqmt (G+1)

Consultants: Structural – Sachin Chougule, Kolhapur and Spacecraftt Team; Electrical – Spacrcraftt inhouse team; Plumbing – Spacecraftt inhouse team; Landscape – Suhas Waingade, Kolhapur

Contractors: Structural & RCC – Mr. Sunil Babanrao Sawant.

Cost of project: Rs 51 Lakh

Year of completion: 2018