Gorgeous Weekend home in Daman

Designed by Zero9

The design process of this beautiful home for spending relaxed weekends was initiated with planning along the trees, leaving two foremost palms as a part of the front open space. The Mango tree is treated as the retro-fit outdoor seating beneath the tree, retouching the age-old memories of an ancestral house. Another Palm being along the indoor jacuzzi, open to sky ensuring its natural growth.

Drain pipes were left to ensure the palm received enough groundwater and the rest was drained out from the structure. The fourth palm was wrapped around by a pergola above the verandah, beautifully framing its verticality. The fifth palm, the tallest of all, pass through the bar counter in the living room, to the master bedroom and out in the sun and be seen from the master bathroom’s skylight.

The living room extends on two sides simply by sliding the windows, one side to the verandah and another side to the jacuzzi area which opens up to the sky looks mesmerizing.

Natural light was invited inside through the impactful skylight and full height windows into the living room. The staircase mid-landing is opened up with glass to ensure light penetration on both the flights and keep space naturally lit.

The Master bedroom housed a balcony which would see inside the living room as well as the external side (south). The window facing west houses a plush seating to enjoy the sunset. The stunning coconut palm trunk enclosed in a glass cubicle ensures rainwater is a visual treat and not a water riot inside the bedroom. The master bathroom with a skylight is the show stealer as the inspiring view of the palm fronds through the skylight above the shower area.


Designers: ZERO9

Project Name: Weekend Home

Location: Daman, India

Designers in Charge: Prashant Chauhan, Anu Chauhan


Additional Credits

Design Support: Amrita Slatch

Photographs: Sebastian Zachariah

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