An Organic Abode

Project: Private Residence in Solan hills, Himachal Pradesh

Architects: Surinder Sawhney Associates, Chandigarh

The site of this privately-owned cottage is on a hill top in a small hamlet in the Solan hills. It is a cool hill station where the natural landscape consists of lush green mountain ranges, with a plethora of vegetation punctuated by rocks and boulders. The breath-taking view of the Himalayan ranges and the valley below is the crowning glory of this marvellous sun-soaked site. Emerging from amongst the rocks and boulders placed on the hill, the design of the cottage is very organic and sustainable.

The building incorporates the essentials of contemporary hill architecture highlighting both present-day technology and advanced construction techniques, along with traditional aspirational elements of mountain architecture. The sun path and the site terrain define the location of the functional spaces.

The form and volumetric of the cottage derive their geometry from the rocks, boulders, and the terrain. Together the building and the natural landscape create a visual delight. The unique design of the cottage creates a vocabulary that is in absolute cooperation with the environment. Dry construction and pre-engineered techniques have been adopted for building works on site. High performance glass and steel coupled with insulation define the building envelope design. Dry walls, laminated wooden floors and eco-friendly ceilings make up the interior of this green design which resonates in absolute relevance of time, space, and context.

The juxtaposition of the curves, surfaces, masses, voids and functional spaces forming the built environment in tandem with the landscape define the new normal in post contemporary hill architecture, highlighting the aesthetic design philosophy that inspires tangible and intangible change. This new-age sustainable concept for the mountain architecture is designed, built and developed with fast track construction techniques. Unlimited daylight, sunlight and breath taking views, both of the landscape and the cottage, create a harmonic symphony that is a joy forever for the inhabitants and the neighborhood and indeed a good building for life.

Fact File

Client: Gopi Sawhney

Principal Architect: Surinder Sawhney

Built-up area: 2500sq ft

Cost: Rs 75 lakh

Year of completion: 2017