Architect : Ar. Sumit Dhawan- Principal Architect and Founder of Cityspace’ 82 Architects, Gurugram

A façade reflects the nature of an architecture project. It is the most recognisable and acknowledged feature of a structure that becomes a part of the collective imagery of the human mind. It also evinces a particular era or period of architecture for the upcoming years and future generations. Therefore, a facade demands as much aesthetic quality as for the interior regime. A well-designed building exterior exhibits a unique identity while also enabling optimum interior functioning as it shields the interiors from the external elements.

Ar. Sumit Dhawan – Principal Architect and Founder of Cityspace’ 82 Architects has recently completed a splendid milestone in the hustle and clamour of Gurugram, which appears extremely distinct amongst all the neighbouring undertakings in the vicinity. The notion was to design a house with robust attributes and voluminous light-filled living spaces.

The house is completely based upon zero maintenance concept. The boundary wall is treated with dry stone cladding delineating a glamorous detail where the slab was scooped out to boast stellar like profiles giving out an illusion of bent stones. Gate being one of the most utilized element is installed in porcelain, a scratch-resist and water and termite proof medium, aiding to the longevity and zero-maintenance characteristic. The driveway acquires an array of integrated directional lighting while also acting as mood lighting at night. 

The facade was installed by omitting smaller cubes from the bigger ones providing the building with openings and punctures which allowed natural light to touch every corner of the house. A terrace in the form of a cantilever renders a floating powder-coated aluminium web, which forms to be the most dramatic feature. The cantilever is designed to be 3 m wide in to accommodate small gatherings/parties. The convergence of the building with the sky was achieved by the use of Fibre Optics lighting integrated with the white painted wall on the front facade which grants it a glistening effect of twinkling stars with different intensities. In fact, this sumptuous residence becomes the first one in India to confer onto fibre optics being used in the facade. The house unveils two scenes where on the days of festivals or parties the complete house can be lit with planter lights, fibre optics, lights from art installations via a single control.

Serving as a biological retreat – the facade of this house endures the perfect vibe for social events and rejuvenation with loved ones to harvest enduring recollections. This residence serves as a benchmark conducive to the experience and aesthetics of a luxurious residence.