Heavenly home by the Pawna lake

Designed by ABM Architects

This magnificent home has a panoramic view of the Pawna lake, which is located near Pune. The site is narrow with a steep gradient and so to avoid disturbing the contours, this house consists of separate structures for the various rooms; which are planned to make best us of the slope. In fact, the plan is to a large extent dictated by the contours. The deck with the ‘Infinity’ swimming pool, is on stilts to provide a large and levelled space for entertaining.

This home is designed with an unusual take, with separate structures at different levels with interesting interconnecting spaces. A balance between the social and public spaces is maintained with the pool and deck area as the social entity and the private lairs would include the family bedrooms at different levels.

The house is about 50 metres from the gate, so is only partially visible from the road, and hence very private. It has an interesting entrance portico created by using anti sue stone pillars, a drawing and dining area and 3 main bedrooms. The architecture has nuances of the Spanish style, balanced with an eclectic blend of local and restored furniture pieces.


The visual of the swimming pool extending into the lake below, is ethereal, especially on misty mornings and star lit nights. It is a perfect getaway for the owners to disconnect from the hectic Mumbai life for a while.


Architects: ABM Architects

Project Name: House by the Lake

Location: Pawna, Maharashtra, India

Area: 425 SQ.M.

Status: Completed in 2012

Architect in Charge: Alfaz Miller


Additional Credits

Design Team: Suryaprakash Makharia, Bhavesh Desai, Ashok Solanki, Sanjay Hattangadi, Pallavi Choksi (Interiors)

Photographs: Allan Fernandes

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