Facade Configurations

Project: Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hissar

Architect: Design Team Consultants Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

The existing dining hall is a single storied large hall, catering 800 in students in one go. It is a rectangular, matter-of-fact space, dimly lit and intimidating in scale.

Client requires additional space to be created on the first floor, in addition to improving the quality of the existing space on the ground. The new extension should be contemporary, dynamic and exhilarating, maintaining the connection with the other buildings in the campus, and yet adding a freshness of approach.

We proposed open courtyards to be created in the existing hall, cutting the periphery in the shape of a wedge, so as to bring the natural light in as well as break the scale of the space. The extension on the first floor has been visualised as a fluid structure with transparent glazing on the sides, to flow over the rigid geometry of existing structure in a manner that would go beyond the boundaries at places, whereas remaining within the outer profile.

Juxtaposition of fluid form over straight jacketed existing structure created a variety of spaces, varying in shape, size and height. The existing exposed brickwork façade maintains the old relation with the surroundings and the glass in curvilinear form. The glass all around required appropriate shading. So, a configuration of stainless steel fins, quadrangles of size 3’- 0” x 1’- 6” average, are planned to be supported on glass frame on one side and steel cables weaved at 1’- 6” distance from glass on the other. These fins shall be angled according to the ambient sun angle, reflecting the light on the indoor ceiling and shading the glass.

Stainless steel because client has a lot of scrap generated in their SS workshops which can be put to use here. This would create a dynamic façade, changing the proportions of visible glass and steel from one side of the building to the other. As one would travel from south to north, the glass visibility would keep changing and the curves shall get accentuated.The idea is to bring reflected light inside, through a variety of surfaces, shading the glass appropriately whereas increasing the natural light inside in a playful manner to add excitement in the space – indoor as well as outdoors – changing its character along with the journey, responding to the sun.

The design proposition has sustainability as its core as it uses the steel scrap as sun-shading device to shade the glazing from outside, bringing in the reflected cool light, and roof helps in generating power with the help of solar panels mounted on terrace.

Fact File

Client: O P Jindal Charitable Trust

Principal Architect: Sushil Aggarwal

Built-up area: 1,603 sq m

Year of completion: Proposal stage